Shame, Vulnerability, And Self Acceptance

We live in a society of mirrors and fractured reflections of what it means to live in the world.

Shame is Learned Early

When you condition yourself to live outside of your comfort zone, you can begin to despise being comfortable. So much so, that you no longer have a place you can be comfortable at all. You just live learning how to be this version of your ideal self without really knowing how to be OK with just being your real self. The sitting version of yourself.

Being Vulnerable and Honest with Yourself Is Ongoing

Vulnerability, to me, is being intentional about what you share and how you share it. It’s being empathetic with yourself and others. You don’t need to end whatever you say with some sort of moral. But you understand and are aware of the power of releasing yourself and releasing someone else.

Let go of what you’ve been holding in.

Self-Acceptance Is A Practice

Deciding to Pursue the Life You Want



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Taylor Vinson

Taylor Vinson

Storyteller Writing About Vulnerability, Self Confidence, & Living in Your Calling. Founder of Taylor Rachelle. Selfcare Advocate. Community Builder. Human.