Shame, Vulnerability, And Self Acceptance

We live in a society of mirrors and fractured reflections of what it means to live in the world.

Social media paints a dramatic illusion that we love to sit back and watch. It’s unhealthy, but we’re human. Caring about social life and keeping up with impressions is nothing new.

Shame is Learned Early

We learn to be critical at an early age. I’ve always been a rather sentimental quiet type. I started writing reflective works and poems when I was in 3rd grade. That’s the earliest I can remember at least. I started a blog on Blogspot when I was in the 8th grade. Psychology Today was myfavorite website in high school. I’ve always just been really interested in deep introspection, expression, and understanding human behavior.

When you condition yourself to live outside of your comfort zone, you can begin to despise being comfortable. So much so, that you no longer have a place you can be comfortable at all. You just live learning how to be this version of your ideal self without really knowing how to be OK with just being your real self. The sitting version of yourself.

I have always loved poetry and building small communities because I need a space where I can feel safe expressing myself and connecting with others. That’s what I know about myself.

Being Vulnerable and Honest with Yourself Is Ongoing

The vulnerability train never ends. I hate to break it to you. With each new level of growth, you will have to face yourself. You’ll recognize what’s holding you back and you will have to make the decision if you’re going to allow yourself to keep doing that. So here’s my question to you.

Vulnerability, to me, is being intentional about what you share and how you share it. It’s being empathetic with yourself and others. You don’t need to end whatever you say with some sort of moral. But you understand and are aware of the power of releasing yourself and releasing someone else.

Let go of what you’ve been holding in.

This is why I love poetry. Poetry heals. Poetry releases. I love the times when I’m so afraid of reading something I wrote and people come up to me and tell me how much they can relate to what I wrote and that experience. It gives them comfort knowing they’re not alone. It reminds them that if they’re not alone, then maybe they can keep going if they see someone else is doing it.

Self-Acceptance Is A Practice

I got really good at being someone else. I can imagine all of the different versions of myself that I could be and it stresses me out sometimes because I only have one life. I have to choose the kind of life I want. Not just my job. Not just where I live. But truly, I get to choose how I want to think about my life and how I allow that to effect the decisions I make.

Deciding to Pursue the Life You Want

We’ve talked about shame and how vulnerability is learning to become aware of where that shame comes from, how it’s impacting you, and telling your story. Self acceptance is taking the step to acknowledge all of this. You’re acknowledging the shame. You’re acknowledging the feeling of being real and honest with yourself. And you’re making the decision to do something about it.



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Taylor Vinson

Taylor Vinson

Storyteller Writing About Vulnerability, Self Confidence, & Living in Your Calling. Founder of Taylor Rachelle. Selfcare Advocate. Community Builder. Human.